Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bug Detector

When most of us think of a Bug Detector we think of the process involved in finding those creepy crawling creatures that may live on our kitchen floor, under the bed or out on the front porch.

We all know that these creeping creatures can be a nuisance and may cause our skin to crawl when thinking about them however this is not the Bugs or Bug Detector that is referred to here.

The Bug Detector referred to here is a device used to locate hidden cameras, audio bugs, listening devices and real time GPS tracking devices that may be invading your personal privacy.

Are you bugged? Several low cost devices now exist on the market today that make it easier than ever for someone to watch, listen and record your private conversations. Hidden Cameras and Audio Bugs can be purchased very easily on the Internet or even at your local toy store.

You may have to ask yourself why someone would be interested in placing a bug or a hidden camera in your home or place of business. There are several situations or reasons that we may all consider when the possibility of someone bugging us is high.

For example this may include situations such as: You may be pending or going through a divorce. You may be going through a long drawn out custody battle. You are engaged in long term projects that you want to keep secret. Your company may be offering competitive technology or may be going public. You may have private investigators watching you. You may have a jealous boyfriend or you simply may be very attractive and worried about your perverted neighbor getting out of hand next door.

Hidden cameras and bugs are generally very small and can be hidden and located very easily just about anywhere. They include wired and wireless cameras, micro audio bugs and can be as common and simple as your cell phone.

Hidden Cameras can be purchased and placed just about anywhere. They can be installed in your light switch, VCR, lamp or mirror. FM audio bugs are very small and can be purchased and placed easily. They are designed to transmit on a FM signal that can be heard by tuning in on a FM radio while parked across the street.

Several cell phones have the option to be called without hearing the ringer and automatically picked up. The user on the other end can then hear everything that the cell phone can hear when it is live and in use. A disgruntled employee could simply leave his cell phone live during an important meeting transmitting confidential information to your competitors on the other end.

Most hidden cameras and bugs use wireless technology to transmit the audio and or video to a receiver where the signal can then be viewed and recorded. The power of that signal will depend on how far it is transmitting to the receiver. Some devices may be transmitted to the room next door and others may be transmitted up to 3 to 5 miles away.

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